Anavrin: Local kids dream of making it big by Pat Staley

In their first "big" gig since forming their group last fall, Anavrin rocked at Wayland's Summerfest last weekend.

Chris Villarreal, 17, of Dorr, Dan Tuinstra, 15, of Wayland, and Troy Brock, 15, of Dorr (along with backup singer and vocalist Jason Brenner of Wayland) make up the band--and they are excited about the possibilities that await them.

Chris was with a more well-known local group, The Albino Chicken and Blue Rhythm, before he broke out on his own to form Anavrin.

"We play new age rock and alternative rock, a lot like popular groups like Korn and Limp Bizkit," said Chris, lead vocalist and rhythm and lead guitar. Dan plays bass guitar; Troy is on drums.

The group plays much of their music by ear, with no sheet music. All are self-taught.

How did they learn? "It comes from sheer boredom," said Chris. "We come home and practice, practice, practice. We aren't involved in anything else."

Unlike some famous rockers, these kids do not drink or do drugs. "We're pretty cool about that," said Chris. "We're completey dedicated to our music."

That dedication is expected to lead to bigger and better things. "The big groups today started out where we are now. It could happen to us."

Until then, school comes first. Chris is a senior at Wayland High School. The others are sophomores at Wayland, with their high school careers still ahead of them.

They have played in school variety shows and for senior citizens at The Laurels of Sandy Creek. "We played oldies for them," Chris laughed. "It was a little different, but it was a gig."

From Summerfest, Anavrin hopes to land local gigs and slowly, or quickly, go on to bigger things. They also hope to get on WGRD radio's local band night.

Their dream can come true, especially through the efforts of their promotional agent, Tom Snyder, 17, also a senior at Wayland. Snyder is in charge of getting the group's name out to the public and lining up performances. He takes his job seriously; he has a good product to sell.

Snyder said he'd eventually like to get more involved in the music arena and become a live sound engineer.

And fans, if you want to know more about Anavrin you can reach the group at its website:


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